fast, accurate

engaging visuals.

Since 2008 I am working closely with small and medium organizations from around the globe. Delivering fast, accurate and engaging visuals.

With proven experience working to deadlines without compromising on best possible outputs, keeping clear communication with customers throughout the project progress and maintaining good customer relations after project launches.

I keep aware of current web and print trends, and strive to expand my knowledge by the day.
Creative mind with good color sense and feel to good typography and fonts.

As a graduate Art student at Wizo France Tel Aviv, Hamidrasha LeOmanut in Beit Berl and Brunel University’s Art Centre in London I do love to add artistic twists to my work when possible but also know boundaries and limitations, keeping that in mind - I am more of a visual freak with keen eye on details. Whenever starting a project I collect as much information I possibly can get; I believe only than first sketch will get its best the best path to impact.

My tools are: the old fashioned 0.4 pen and paper or my iPad Pro, these are my best tools to form a sketch. The programmes I currently use most: Adobe Photoshop + Photoshop Sketch(iPad), Serif’s Affinity Designer & Adobe Animate.

Creative programmes I know how to work with: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere and FinalCut.

Getting appealing and engaging visuals, that’s what I do best. Got the knowledge and the open mind to create wide range of outputs from posters, flyers, logos and static banners to a complex interactive HTML animations, engaging landing pages and other web appearances including social networks visual campaigns.